Tuesday, November 29, 2016

National Square Dance Day

♫ Swing your partner and Do-si-do! ♫

Today is National Square Dance Day.
If you don't know how to 'Box the Gnat' or 'Slip the Clutch', then 'Crack the Egg' and 'Fluff the Frosting' by making a Square Dance Cake !

Woman's Day Magazine November 1950

The recipe for this cake can be easily followed as directed by Dexo shortening.  However, I found a Duncan Hines prefab cake mix called 'Spring Velvets' at Big Lots which happens to have a yellow and a pink layer cake in one box.  Luckily, it also happens to not be expired (it's not spring anymore!) so as to celebrate some promenading and half sashaying festivities for today.

I am memorized with square dancing.  I have several vintage square dance records that I listen to throughout the year.  This then prompts me to a Lisa Simpson "I want a pony.  I want a pony. I want a pony. I want a pony." repetitive dialog with Hubbs.  Only it's me saying "I want us to learn square dancing. I want us to learn square dancing.  I want us to learn square dancing.  I want us to learn square dancing." Hubbs responds as Homer did with a flat "no" in between each plea.  I love the old timey toe tapping music, cute matching western outfits, and the perfect swirling motions of the dancers.

Watch this video and you'll see what I mean.:

Another favorite aspect of mine with square dancing is the patter calling.  Patter calling is when the caller speaks/chants harmonically the square dance instructions in time with the music while adding in filler nonsensical calls...

"Corn in the crib and wheat in the sack
Meet your partner and turn right back!"

I think the best example could be by none other than patter caller Bugs Bunny:

The reality of this square dance situation is that Hubbs and I have no idea what it means to:
" Chase the rabbit, chase the coon, chase the pretty girl around the room.  Swing four and circle same and hurry up boys and make that ring.  It's Lady do and the gents you know and it may be the last time I don't know. And oh by gosh and oh by joe and a right by right by wrong you go.  And off by the left by right you go and may be last time I don't know." ~ Ernest Legg and the Kissinger Brothers 1928

I don't know either.  Square dancing is a form of hillbilly rocket science to me.
For now, I can celebrate the day with a Square Dance cake while singing my own little batter patter:

🎶 Now preheat that oven to the proper degree, jump back now don't burn your knee!
Grease your pan with shortening then, it's best to not use a frying pan!
Mix the batter with eggs and oil, pick out those shells or else it's spoiled!
Pour the batter in the dish and bake, In 30 minutes or so you'll have a Square Dance cake!🎶


Jenn said...

They really do have a holiday for everything, don't they?! I know someone who daoes contra dancing, which is very similar to square dancing, but I've never done it. I found this for you--maybe it will help demystify the patter calling. I thought it was interesting: http://www.bubbaguitar.com/squaredance/square1.html

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks Jenn for the link to that excellent site! I am still confused (doesn't take much!) but enjoyed reading it. I came across the term 'contra dancing' while looking up square dance info. I have been trying to come to terms with my square dance addiction desire. It comes down to this: I can't practice at home because it requires 2-4 more people which will not fit in my house. This means a location is needed, along with people and a specific time together to practice. My life can not work in such constraints! But maybe one day...