Tuesday, November 15, 2016

National Clean Your Fridge Day

November 15th is National Clean Your Fridge Day.  
I love to 'celebrate' bizarre holidays.  What could be more fun than purging the fridge of old moldy tupperware containers and unidentifiable shriveled up produce?
I thought I would bring some joy to this taskful fete by sharing images from some of my vintage refrigerator manuals.  These booklets are full of fun and beautiful illustrations, recipes, and photos. Even some helpful hints!
Let's enjoy cleaning the fridge, vintage style!

{101 Refrigerator Helps by Frigidare 1944}

Start by evaluating your situation.  
If your leftovers are still within a state of being consummed, refer to this handy grid as to what to turn them into.  Those leftovers can be reinvented into goulashes, stews, and croquettes and no one will be the wiser.  Cover everything in camoflaging cream sauce for maxium concealment.

After you have removed the fetid fare or concoted a new creamed hash,  move on to cleaning and maintaining the interior area.

 {Westinghouse  Refigerators 1947}

 Wipe everything down with warm sudsy water.  Be sure to wear your snow shoes, full body suit, and santa cap.  It can get messy and frigid in there.

  If you are not lucky enough to have a Frost Free model then it's time to defrost that freezer!  Be careful not to melt your tootsies off like our little fridge sprite did!

After your refrigerator is crisp and clean be sure to put everything back in the correct places.
 {Servel Refidgerator Manual 1947}

Arrange everything by food groups for maximum food protection and vitamin retention.  Organization will save you loads of time and keep food looking tidy on the shelves for stunning photographic presentations.  Alphabetically file items and place them in asending order.  Make sure to have every family member memorize this layout to reduce time spent staring into the open fridge searching for banana pudding.  It's located in the upper left corner within Group 4 Milk and Cheese....or maybe it's actually located on the bottom left within Group 3 "Other" Vegetables and Fruits.  This dilemma will have to be one you solve on your own.

Congratulations!  You now are the proud owner of a sanitary and more efficent refrigerator.

Keep your fridge from turning ornery on you by repeating these steps more than just once a year.  And don't forget to refill those metal ice cube trays!

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Jenn said...

What a fun holiday! Unfortunately, I clean my refrigerator out and give it a cleaning every Thursday, so I wasn't able to participate! Maybe next year :)

Voodoobillyfilly said...

I celebrated this holiday yesterday (better late than never!) and the cleaning spread to the cabinets. How many expired boxes of Jiffy pie crust mix can one girl have? Too many... Too many. I guess I'm a sucker for cute packaging yet don't bake nearly enough pies.

my house is cuter than yours said...

Jenn, you are so organized! In 2018 National Clean Your Fridge Day will fall on a Thursday so you will have to make it extra special. Maybe 'decorate' the interior of your fridge with fresh baking soda sported inside one of those cute faced plastic onion containers.

Voodoobillyfilly, turn those empty Jiffy boxes into fun crafts!