Monday, June 12, 2017

Coloring fun!

One of my favorite past times is coloring in kid's coloring books.   It's an activity I have been into since I was a little kid (duh!) and I still have several of my coloring books from my younger years.  I also collect old coloring books too.  I scan and print the pages to color instead of wasting the original.  I thought I would share a few images from a set of books published in 1956 I got from Mr. Husband Sir for Christmas a couple of years ago.  The first one is time appropriate to start with since it's summer vacation right now!

 School's out for summer!
School's out forever!
School's been blown to pieces!
He even blew his shoes off.  Not unless those are wooden Dutch clogs.

It's time for picnics, floppy hats, and a cute Thermos!

No vacation for this clown though.  He's off for his rabies shot.  Ohhh!

Things That Move

This one doesn't have a lot of cute images, just simple line drawings of trucks and planes.
But there is this gem:

I always like coloring pages that I can elaborate upon.  This one needs me to draw a bunch of trash hanging out of the back end.  I think a few fish skeletons and a severed arm would do nicely.

Join The Parade

This one has a bunch of cute stuff but none of it has anything to do with a parade.

Busy People To Color

Images of people working hard or hardly working.

Fred Astaire at his weekend waiter job.

The smirky mailman.  He knows where all of those discretely no-return-addressed- boxes are really from that you order. 

And the "busy" janitor.

PB, Mr. Husband, and I also like to draw our own coloring pages too.  We generally come up with ideas from our little inside jokes and references.  At some point I plan on posting a few images of our coloring sheets and add a little bit of the back story with them.  


Jenn said...

Those are fabulous, Mary! Where does one find vintage coloring books? Ebay? Flea Market? I thought a lot of the images you posted would be cute done up in embroidery. Especially the picnic scene and the puppy :)

my house is cuter than yours said...

These coloring books were from Ebay. I used to be able to find them years ago at thrift stores. That is a great idea to use them as embroidery! I'll have to keep that idea filed away for later!