Thursday, November 16, 2017

Pillsbury Bake Off Cherry Winks

5,000 dollar cookies! 
 The recipe makes 5 dozen cookies so if you make these for a bake sale they will run your customers about 83 dollars a piece.  These Cherry Winks were the 1st prize winner in the Junior division of the 1950 2nd Pillsbury Grand National Recipe and Baking contest.

The cookie dough has chopped pecans, cherries, and dates inside then it's rolled in crushed cornflakes with a cherry wink on top added before baking.  When I made mine I did my regular MO of omitting and substituting.  I left out the dates and used chopped almonds instead.  I also didn't have official cornflakes, but used my walmart brand Special K Red Berries cereal flakes.  I just picked out and tossed the dried strawberries back in the box.  I am a ''use what you've got" kinda gal.  The cookies turned out really yummy.  I think if I made them again I would use almond extract rather than the recommended vanilla.  I love almond extract far more than plain old vanilla so I don't know why I followed the extract rules on this recipe.  A little almond extract makes every baked dessert better.  It's one of my "secret ingredients".  

I LOVE the Pillsbury Bake Off Cook booklets and have collected nearly all of the first 20 printed.  The contestants always have such imaginative ideas and titles for their dishes.  Cherry Winks, rolled in cornflakes and winking up at you with a sliver of cherry!  So cute and fun!  

So, drum roll please! A super big deal to me... I entered the Pillsbury Bake Off this year!

The winners won't be told until the beginning of the new year.  I don't think I can reveal much about my recipes at this time.  I checked that mandatory box saying I read all the rules and really didn't.  I imagine it says somewhere in there that if you talk about the dishes you submitted before the winners are announced the Pillsbury doughboy thugs will come break your kneecaps with a very sturdy bread stick.  I will say that I submitted two recipes (breakfast and dessert) and think they are worthy of winning.  I doubt I will but I am so thrilled to be a part of something that started in 1949 which still to this day showcases inventiveness and even a bit quirky concoctions.

Here are a few more recipes from Pillsbury Bake Off past that I have made:


Jennilee said...

How exciting, Mary! Good luck to you!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks Jenn! I doubt I will win. Part of winning involves writing a story of how the recipe came about and I didn't have much of one to tell for either entry. Mr. Husband Sir thought we should highly elaborate it but I don't have the memory for truth much less something that didn't happen. I can't lie to the fine folks at Pillsbury!