Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Peanut Twist Ups

I love collecting vintage Pillsbury Grand National Bake Off cook-booklets. I have a small collection so far of  #2 (1950) thru #7 (1955).  I have gotten most of them for Christmas from PB.  I plan on collecting up to #11 (1959), maybe a few early 60's but nothing past that.
I happened to find the 16th (1964) edition at a thrift store.  It's interesting to me how much the design, colors, and look of the cook booklet is so "70's" to me. I am not going to put the front cover up on this post because I don't like it.  It's all brown and orange and dark blah.  It's also weird to me that the grand prize winning recipe (Peacheesy Pie) didn't get the cover spot but the senior third prize winning recipe for Fudge Ribbon Cake made it. And if you really want to get me started you can't even make Fudge Ribbon Cake anymore because it calls for a defunct convenience product called Nestle's Choco Bake. 
But that isn't the focus of this post.  I was flipping through the cook booklet recently and found this recipe for Peanut Twist-Ups by Junior Winner Connie Maley of Hershey, Pennsylvania.  I happened to have a jar of Apple Butter in my fridge in need of usage (other than my eating it straight!) and the recipe called for so few ingredients so I tried it out.

But hold up!  Before you start dragging out your measuring spoons, I have to report that we didn't care for this recipe.  It was very bland and dry.  BUT I do think the dough could make an excellent pie crust. I have never heard of using cream cheese in a pie crust dough but I do lead a rather sheltered life. Maybe it's common knowledge.  

I plan on trying the pie crust idea out at some point and will give a full report.

Until then, here are a couple of other recipes I have made with excellent results from past Pillsbury Grand Nationals:


Jenn said...

I did a quick search and found that you can sub melted Baker's unsweetened chocolate for the Nestle Choco Bake. 1 packet=1 ounce. If you don't want to be "authentic" you could make the Fudge Ribbon Cake that way :)

my house is cuter than yours said...

No Way!!!! Thanks so much for finding that info Jenn! This is a prime example of that 'sheltered life' of mine I was talking about. I honestly never looked for a sub because I doubted there would be one. The 16th cook booklet has several recipes that call for the choco bake, and now they are all mine for the making! Mau-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Jenn said...

Apparently, the choco bake was just pre-melted, unsweetened chocolate. Who knew? lol. Looking forward to an update :)