Friday, December 01, 2017

Blazing Death Torch of Christmas

It's that time of year again.  I wish I could  have an outward appearance like that of the cozy organized happy image on the left but I feel like the depicted up in flames on the right. Last year I forced myself to listen to Christmas music all day all month and it seemed to lift my spirits to where I tolerated the holiday season... even enjoyed it.  I don't know if that is going to happen this year.  I am such a grinch.  A contrary grinch at that...I collect vintage Christmas stuff but hate all the hassles and expectations of Christmas.  Blah.  
I try to live and appreciate the moments that I am living in and I have realized that I haven't been doing a good job of it when it comes to Christmas.  I need to grasp and savor this time.  In just a few very short years PB will be all grown up and I will look back on my frustrations with the season and have regrets that I didn't eek out enough joy. 
This year I have talked PB into helping me with some of the tasks of the season.  He picked the theme of the main tree and is suppose to help me make the ornaments.  I have also got some of holiday shopping done.  PB and I figured out what he is going to make for gifts this year and we have already got our christmas card photos taken.  I am in the middle of decorating, which is a primary holiday strain but it always turns out nice and is what says it's Christmas around here.  We have also already started watching MST Christmas movies.  I guess I'm not in too bad of shape with holiday undertakings, which makes me feel like I have a fire extinguisher available to try to keep the holiday blaze somewhat under control. 


Jennilee said...

*hugs*, Mary! Perhaps, in the words of Thoreau, you should Simplify, simplify, simplify! :)

my house is cuter than yours said...

If I simplified I would cut out things I don't want to do or be a part of, which primarily is my self-centered, passive-aggressive, martyr complexed, guilt tripping family members. But it's Christmas, their favorite time to shine!

Thanks for the hugs! It's certainly appreciated.


Jenn said...

Every Christmas I think wistfully of this family I knew growing up who goes to Hawaii every Christmas instead of giving each other presents. They also don't do the obligatory presents for neighbors and acquaintances. I wish i could be like them..... and then I go back to stressing over all the gifts. I totally understand. That picture cracked me up! "Blazing Death Torch!!!"