Thursday, February 22, 2018


Another one of my favorite things...this sifter.
I have a thing about not wanting items that are uni-taskers only used on a limited basis.  I just prefer to substitute other tools to do their in low demand jobs.  All of these years I didn't have a sifter and just dealt with clumps in my powdered sugar, I just tried to work them out with a fork, unsuccessfully for the most part.

I happened to come across this adorable sifter at an estate sale and brought it home.  I am a sifting fool now!  Also it's not a uni-tasker since during it's down time it's a decorative item on my kitchen display shelf!

Another item that I don't own, which is going to be a hard one to believe, is a rolling pin.  I just use a large tall drinking glass and coat it down with flour.  Maybe if a gorgeous (cheap) one crosses my path I may consider adding it to my kitchen arsenal.

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