Monday, September 05, 2016

Wally's Filling Station and The Mayberry Courthouse

In Mount Airy, NC (aka Mayberry) one of the highlights is to go to Wally's Filling Station and get a bottle of pop.

Also at this location is the reproduction of the Mayberry Courthouse that we used for the photos we took in the last post.

They offer squad car tours of the town which we have done several times.  The drivers have fun stories to tell about the town, TAGS and Andy Griffith while showing you the sights.

Inside the courthouse is a small scale replica of the sheriff's office and jail cells.
You are allowed to touch and take pictures of everything in it.  I also saw that it can be rented for weddings!

We have been to "Mayberry" several times and really love it.  Every year the town has Mayberry Days with guests from the show (this year has 'Leon' Clint Howard! among others).  They also have a bunch of fun activities during the festival. One is a trivia contest for kids appropriately called "Mayberry Minute Men".  PB would win, hands down.  There is a porkchop eating contests, Aunt Bee bake sale, a checkers tournament, apple peeling contest, pie eating contest, a parade down main street....lots of fun and believe it are not... cosplay! Mayberry cosplay...Ernest T. Basses, Briscoe Darlings, and tons of Barney Fifes!  Unfortunately, we haven't been able to ever make it due to the 'Days' are during school time and Mt. Airy is more than 12 hours away.  It does seem like a bunch of fun though.  It would be nice to be around 'our kind of people'. Folks who would get it when we say stuff like "I remember that about your mother." or "I'm just high spirited is all."

Here are a couple of posts from our 2006 trip:

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The next post brings us to downtown Mt. Airy!

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