Friday, May 15, 2020

Frigidaire Double Quickube Tray

I bought this double batch "Quickube" metal ice tray at an estate sale last year.  I thought I had already posted about it but I can't seem to find anything to support my claim.

Anyhoo, the metal cube dividers can be removed leaving a large metal tray.
I come across vintage recipes (ie:  Magic Lemon Ice Box Cake ) on a fairly regular basis that require the use of just the metal tray which I think is brilliant, making it multi-useful.
When I bought this ice tray I saw only large sized refrigerator desserts in it's future rather than 24 icy cubes!

I was just thinking that the dividers could still be used for frozen desserts to make little rectangle servings.  I, however, have always had a difficult time getting the cubes out of these kind of trays. I can't get the lever to crank and if I try running water over it my hands stick to the metal.  By the time it's all over it's become crushed ice.  So maybe 24 cubes of mangled dessert wouldn't be such a good idea.

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