Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

For our dessert this la tarde I made us Fried Ice Cream Falso! 

I always thought that fried ice cream meant it was actually deep fried in some magical Mexican way.  How is it possible?!  It's ICE cream!  It will melt even in the fridge and that is nowhere near deep frying temperatures.  You can't deep fry ice cubes.  
Then once when ordering it many years ago at a restaurant, it was clear that my dessert was just a ball of ice cream rolled in plain corn flakes.  So, then I thought aha!  It's just a fun title for the dish.  Kinda like a burrito.  They aren't actually made out of little donkeys.
Then I find out that no, really, it is supposed to be deep fried.  I don't do deep frying myself.  It's dangerous, messy, wasteful of oil, and full of calories.  It's a process best left to the professionals, like Whataburger. This fried ice cream has been really playing with my mind.

I then came across this recipe, which solves everything.  It's not deep fried but it involves frying (sauteing) the cornflakes before coating the ice cream balls.
That works for me! Only, I kinda stepped away from the pan a few moments too long and they became chamuscada.

The basic ingredients are cornflakes, butter, and cinnamon.  I reduced the amount given by the author and it still turned out to be way more coating than needed.  It calls for 4 cups of cereal for 8 servings.  I think 2 cups would work, maybe 2 1/2 cups.  I guess it all depends of the size of your ice cream balls.  If you make them the size of a basketball then you might need more coating.  Mine are made from two ice cream scoopers-full squished together.

I made the one dessert seen above early in the day so I could get a decent photo.  I didn't taste it yet because we were all going to be having the treat together later in the day.  I placed it back in the freezer and marked it as mine since I figured the cornflakes would become chewy and I didn't want to give PB or Mr. Husband the "bad" one.  To my surprise the cornflakes on mine held up really well, only slightly less crunchy than a freshly made dessert.  I feel safe in saying that these could be made a couple of hours ahead of time and kept in the freezer before serving.  They turned out tasting really good and I still have a baggie full of the cornflakes that we can toss on top of a bowl of ice cream for a deconstructed version (aka lazy version).

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