Thursday, May 07, 2020

Poor Excuses

I came across these super cute letterheads explaining one's lack of writing at an estate sale last year.
The one with the aliens is my fav!

This one is going to be a little late, dated 1959.

Not to sound like an old timer, but I miss getting letters.  While cleaning and decluttering I came across my massive collection of old letters and cards recently.  I think I may have saved nearly every one I have ever gotten.  Lots of those neat folded notes from friends in middle school that were passed in the hall or slipped into lockers.  I remember I even made myself a little "mailbox" for the inside of my locker to catch them.  One of my summer goals is to go through and read them all.  Most of them probably say "Hey, What's (up) or (down) or (all around)? " With arrows in place of the directions. "Not much here.  Write me back. LYLAS" (Love you like a sister).

Writing letters was a major part of life for many people pre digital age.  When my grandmother passed away we happen to find she had saved all of her letters that my mom had sent her during the 70s though the 90s.  It was amazing to be able to read what was going on in her life and it to be actual handwriting makes it more transportive to that time.  She mentioned things I was doing as a toddler and other daily life.  They are a real treasure for me to have.  Email and text messages just aren't the same.

Not too sure I'll find much history in my collection but I am looking forward to what I may be reminded of while going through my old notes.
Probably that "I luv Josh 4-ever!"... Josh who?


Unknown said...

Being from Delaware, "the Blue Hen state", I thought maybe that address would be located somewhere in our tiny state. But, using Avenue, Street, Drive, Lane etc. yielded no exact results, so it could have been going to Delaware or North Carolina, it seems. Anyhoo, still going to be late, as you said. Gary Greer - fan and blog reader.

my house is cuter than yours said...

Wow Gary! Thanks for looking into that. I also enjoy sleuthing old stuff! I love to look up the addresses on my old magazines through Google maps and see the homes they were originally sent to.
Thanks for reading and commenting!