Friday, June 12, 2020

Blueberry Brunch Loaf

Blueberry Brunch Loaf

from the 1962 14th Pillsbury Grand National Bake Off
submitted by Mrs. Donald P. Gowing of Kaneohe, Hawaii

The final morsel in this "Week of Loafing"!
Last September I hosted a vintage pop up sale in my front yard with a couple of friends.  Since it's hard to grab a bite to eat while running a sale, I decided to make us something to munch on.  Blueberry Brunch Loaf sounded perfect!

Because the recipe didn't call for any weird/unitasker ingredients, I was able to follow the recipe instructions completely without having to make my usual substitutions.  The orange rind was the closest to an odd ball item. I always have clementines in the fridge so I saved some peelings and ground them up in a chopper gadget of Mr. Husband's.  We never have orange juice on hand and the recipe only called for 1/4 cup.  I probably could have squeezed a couple of clementines but decided to get a carton of juice so we could drink it along with the cake that morning.

I baked the bread the night before because there ain't no time for that nonsense the morning of a yard sale!  It turned out very tasty and had a refreshing flavor.  I would highly recommend it as a dessert for a luncheon or the recipe title suggests!

I actually wrote this post last year so it's full of references that are so pre 2020.  Yard sales?!  Getting together with friends?!  Luncheons and brunches?!  ha.ha.ha.
For the "new normal", make the loaf and eat it all yourself and turn that orange juice into mimosas!

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