Monday, June 22, 2020

MHiCTy 15!

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Dear readers!
  Amazingly, My House Is Cuter Than Yours  
is turning 15!!!
The big day is tomorrow, June 23, which I will be hosting a stupendous online shindig which you are all welcomed to attend!  June 23 is also National Pink Day.
So, My colors are blush and bashful!  Also know as pink and pink.  Everything will be painted, dyed, slathered, and heavily encrusted in pink for the party!
In preparation...

I've scrubbed everything down with pink Brillo soap pads! 

Vacuumed up all non-pink dust!

Switched out my boring old white bulbs for deluxe pink!

And I've even thrown a red sock into all my wash loads!

So, please join me'll be tickled pink!


Monica(and Rob) said...

I cant believe it is 15 years!!!!!!! WOW!!!

my house is cuter than yours said...

It doesn't feel like it to me either. As far as technology goes, I am surprised (but extremely grateful!) blogger is still around! I can't fathom right now doing a 20 year!? But that's "just" 5 years away.

Thanks for reading and commenting over all the years!