Tuesday, December 17, 2013

IAWL Bedford Falls village

Continuing with the It's A Wonderful Life Christmas theme!
We have a "It's A Wonderful Life" Bedford Falls village that got top billing this year.

Gower's Drug Store

 The Bijou Theatre with the Bailey Brother's Building and Loan next door.

Other pieces displayed are Martinis', the Library (a less seen building in the movie but we used it due to our love of libraries), the bridge and the Old Grandview house.  
I have started coming across other buildings for the village lately at thrift stores....like Ernie's Garage?  I don't recall that building ever being in the movie.  And the Chapel, which has maybe a whole minute of exposure. I guess all the other good buildings were covered so random and possible locations were made to keep those folks that must have "the whole set" buying. 

I would like to see them make a Pottersville village myself, complete with a Violet Bick prostitute ceramic figurine and flashing neon dance club signs!
Calling All Jitterbugs!

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