Wednesday, December 25, 2013

PB's handmade gifties

Pb gave handmade gifts to the fam this year.  We had the idea to made tramp art inspired wood burn portraits.  He drew the portraits and I did the burning since it was not as easy as I thought it would be for a nine year old to do.  Opie Taylor was able to do it unsupervised was what I was going off of...well, I burned myself at least three times.  PB then painted the background with an acrylic wash and we glued pull tabs from coke cans on the edges as decoration.  The messier edges of glue we covered with black ribbon.  We also glued bent tabs on the backs to make them stand up, easel style. 

Last year he made coffee mugs by the ever popular Pinterest method of baking sharpee marker on ceramic mugs.  FYI!  This does not work!.... I had to bake them for twice the time and at a much higher temp. Even then they have to be delicately hand washed.  I have one mug right now sitting on my work table awaiting image repair due to it sitting in dish water for more than two minutes.  It was a method too good to be true... 

Hopefully the gifts this year will hold up longer!

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