Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stocking Toss Pillow

As I am just now wrapping up the christmas decorating, I came up with a last minute quick craft.  I have been picking up old cute stockings are thrifts for several years.  I don't have a set yet that match well so I generally leave these guys in the storage containers each year. I am sure this in not a new idea...It is too simple and awesome to just be from my brain. But it came to me to stuff them like pillows and place them here and there...on the living room furniture and the beds, in what ever groups or lack of, that they could work! 

 Ma Bess, gets a spot on the living room chair...
And Bob and Ann are on the couch!

I have a couple of others that are going to go on the beds.
PB couldn't understand why we have "Bob and Ann" when those are clearly not our names! I tried to explain that I bought them for the names! HA!

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