Friday, October 03, 2014

Estate Sale Goods

Everything was for sale as I mentioned previously, including old jars of expired medicine from 1954.  I considered buying a bunch of it and putting them in our bathroom medicine cabinet for when we have visitors over and they happen to check inside.  Then I remembered we don't have any friends that would be surprised by that.
So on to the goods.  As some may know of my obsession with old food packaging and then you can understand why I bought an old mayo jar.  It was located in the creepiest room of the house.  It was the picture of the gurney with old jars on it.  I seriously got weird vibes off of that room.  PB wouldn't go near it.

I didn't see this glass on the first day of the sale but found it on day three (half price day) so it was 1.50.

I got Hubs this super cool black and orange skinny tie. Just in time for Halloween!
I like the serving suggestion of wearing it with a blue or grey suit!

I bought a big ziplock bag full of 'still in package' items. 
Mastro Spring Clothes pins:

Little Octopus Soap Holder:
This is so cute!
The back has cute graphics.

A Fowl Lacer:
Because all fowls need lacing.

Needle kit:

Ironing Board Cover Fasteners:
I could actually use these, but not sure I want to take them out of the package.

There were a crap ton of hats for sale.  I picked out a few that looked good on my head regardless of color.  I have a few upcycling ideas that I want to use them for.

This dress and bolero jacket looks plain in the photo but it has some really nice lines to it and it fits me.  It needs work, washing and mending minimally.  I may have to dye it as well because I don't think all of the discoloration is going to come out. It was only 2.50 so not much is lost if it doesn't work out.
 Hopefully only friendly ghosts hitchhiked back with these items!


MySpecialAgent said...

You found some pretty great things! The house pictures creeped me out a little. Maybe the house was being used as a nursing home at one time which would explain the gurney?

my house is cuter than yours said...

Possibly! That could also explain the little ramp on the front porch and the lead pipe safety bars on the toilet.