Friday, October 31, 2014

Terror Trays!

 I needed a few extra serving trays for various Halloween activities this year and of course, had to made my own!

These metal trays started out as ugly 1990 cheap Christmas graphics type deals. You know the kinds,  illustrations of rocking horses with Christmas wreaths around their necks.  I picked them up for 50 cents a piece from a thrift store.  

 I painted the trays with a flat black paint to cover up their hideous designs.  I then cut a circle of scrap book paper to use as a background for the insert.  I then applied a whole slug of these cute zombie finger 'post it' style notes all over.  The dismembered fingers came from the dollar spot at Target last Halloween.  Any cute stickers could work though.
Plans happened to change and I did not need the trays after all....but that's ok.  I plan on making a different style design...Christmas perhaps... on the back side of the zombie paper insert.  I will then get the insert laminated making it food safe and rendering the trays multi-functional at the same time. I see all sorts of themes and design inserts to be used with these!

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