Friday, October 31, 2014

Until Next Year....

Wrapping up these extended Halloween season posts is PB's cute little pumpkin he got at the Pumpkin Patch this year.  He is a slender fellow and only measures about 6 inches tall.  Adorbs!

Let me step up on my coffin soapbox for a moment.
Halloween is absolutely the best holiday.
It is a time where creativity and cleverness are at their peak and encouraged.
DIY and handmade are prevalent in everything: costumes, decor, food.
Because things are to look spooky, nothing has to be absolutely perfect.
Children get to dress up as and be anything they want, which fuels their imagination and instills courage.
And here is the biggie about Halloween:
Everything is optional!
Don't want to dress up, no problem.
Want to go all out with a fog filled cemetery in your front yard...Do it!
Halloween is what you want to make of it.

{This is all in vast opposition to a certain holiday that is approaching and tightening a glitterly garland noose around our necks...}

Let's grasp at the remnants of Halloween...
I leave you with a sampling of bloody Band-Aids to munch on! They are comprised of cinnamon graham crackers, white icing, and red gel icing.

 Keep creepy !

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