Friday, October 31, 2014


I had a few more Halloween activities that I did with PB's class I wanted to mention !

Spooky Bat Cave!
To help everyone get in the spirit of Halloween I decorated the ceiling space between the two classrooms!
I started by making a bat template out of black construction paper and had the kids cut and glue patterns on their bat wings.  I then took photos of all the kids, printed them out, and glued onto their bats. I made bat cave stalactites from shredded black trash bags.
 I then stapled all the bats in place.
 oooohhh! Scary!
It was really fun to see how everything flapped in the breeze!

And oh! no! I didn't just read the Bone Soup story at the party, serve them handmade cauldron cake and drinks.  No, no.  We also had craft activities to do afterwards!

First was "Make Your Own Pet Monster".
Everyone got a ziplock with clay, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and pony beads.  Let the imagination run!  These are the ones PB and I made:

The other craft the kids made were spider web weavings:

I bought a couple of bags of popsicle sticks, painted them grey, hot glued in a star pattern, and glued down a spider in the middle.  I precut lengths of white yarn for them to weave around the spokes of the web.

And don't forget all of this I had to prepare for 41 kids!

Time for a Candy Corn Soda and put my wretched bones to rest!

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