Thursday, July 02, 2015

National UFO Day!

Today is National UFO day.
But how does one celebrate this holiday while keeping from being abducted and probed?
I have a few suggestions!

Watch a favorite UFO film.

Make your very own cow abduction center piece for your home!
(spray painted paper plates, domed lid from an Icee, a glass vase, AstroTurf samples, and an unsuspecting victim)

And for eats...
Spaghetti Monsters!
(Pasta cooked within pieces of hot dogs)

UFO ships!
(Biscuits with meatballs)

And for dessert...Donut Space Ships!
(Made from glazed donuts and holes)

See more UFO shenanigans and details on these creations from PB's recent b-day party:
In Search of... Aliens

Trust No One!


Jenn said...

Love the abducting cow centerpiece! I have to say, even though it is not a "classic", my favorite campy aliens movie is Mars Attacks!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Mara Attacks works! Love Tim Burton!