Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Columbo Party

As I have mentioned, we love ourselves some Columbo around our house.  Last year we had a mini party Columbo style to celebrate 'just one more thing'!
I covered the table in a piece of khaki colored fabric similar to Columbo's signature well worn trench coat.  We had chili with crackers for dinner and drank from Thermos bottles.  Afterwards we played our Columbo board game while enjoying some cookie 'cigars'!

PB dressed for the occasion.
He had gotten a trench coat for Christmas last year along with a vintage stuffed Basset Hound dog...which doesn't have a name, we're thinking about just calling him 'Fido'!

Later we watched one of our favorite episodes, Negative Reaction , which stars Dick Van Dyke!  This episode is one of our fam's top 10 favorite Columbo episodes because of so many great lines, characters, and situations in it.  Our favorite line has to be when Larry Storch who is playing an employee who gives driving tests says to Columbo of the people he evaluates:
"These people mean absolutely nothing to me"
We laugh so much, every single time we watch this episode, from hearing him delivery that line.  We also use this line in our real lives as a comedic way to break the tension.  Let it come to mind the next time you are at the grocery store and there are only two lanes open yet tons of customers.  One lane is full of whining children and the other is full of crabby old folks trying to use expired coupons.  Then think to yourself...These people mean absolutely nothing to me!
It makes me feel a little bit better at least.


Jenn said...

How much fun is that, Mary! I love it! Looks like everyone had a grand time!

I've never seen a Columbo board game...I think I need one!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I found the game on either Etsy or ebay. It is kinda like Clue that you move to different rooms on the board but it also involves collecting pieces of a puzzle to solve the crime.
We have played it a couple of times and it really involves strategic planning! ~mary~

Crystal Hallowell said...

I love the episode with Ruth Gordon--the one about the mystery writer.

Also Etude In Black and Now You See Him.

my house is cuter than yours said...

Etude in Black is PB's all time favorite! ~mary~