Monday, February 22, 2016

Spruce Cleaning

  I am a habitual list maker.  I have pieces of paper and notebooks in several spots around my house, in my purse, on the fridge, ... the list goes on! that I jot down things that need to be shopped for, handled or planned.  Every summer, especially, I make a list of stuff around the house I am going to get taken care of because I assume I am going to have loads of "free time"....  Make curtains for the bedroom...but wait, I need curtain rods...and fabric...and what size...what color? And don't forget to consider the bedding and walls with these decisions... Now I need to add all of those tasks and concerns to my ever growing lists also. I was reviewing some of my past lists recently, which went back several years, and they all have had the same things on them, every time.  We are still living with the crappy plastic mini blinds in the dining room that came with our house when we bought it a few years back.  The kitchen has several painted blotches of sample colors on the walls from were I decided none were the quite right shade.  The living room walls only have things hanging in the spots that the previous owner decided to put nails.
So utterly unacceptable.
The time has come.  I am making a full fledged commitment to organizing and deep cleaning my house along with getting some decorating projects really completed....really.  I have to cut out or at least back on things that take a hefty amount of my time or I will never get anything completed.  That means I am going to be putting MHICTY on the 'back burner' for a short bit.  I may do a post here or there but nothing with consistency until I make some real headway. I also have got PB's birthday, my wedding anniversary, Hubb's birthday, and some medical stuff all going down in the next 2 months so there's all that too.   I'll be back though with adventures to share in the near future! Hopefully these adventures will involve bedroom curtains and a painted kitchen.

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Jenn said...

I am a list maker too! I should make a list for my lists! lol!

We have lived in our current house for 2 (almost 2 1/2) years. For that same amount of time, fabric has been sitting in a drawer for me to make curtains for the living room. *sigh* someday! hahahaha!

I understand about you taking a break to get things done. Will miss your regular posting, but I know you will be back with lots to share!

Good luck!