Friday, February 12, 2016

PB Valentine Cards

Today I thought I would share some of the valentine's cards/crafts that PB exchanged during his elementary school days past.  With him being in middle school now there are no more card exchanges or parties so I have to get my kicks some how. 

I am not going to put up the cards he exchanged for kindergarten.  It is quite embarrassing.  They were just plain store bought deals with a lenticular image of a character from Star Wars. And the worse part was it was Clone Wars!  Ughh.  I didn't know.  I bought them the year before on clearance and thought I was clever for saving 25 cents.
I photographed most of these from his Valentine scrapbook so the candy is long gone, which can make some of the 'cards' look a bit lacking.

First Grade

I pulled together the second most clever Valentine card (in my opinion) for PB when he was in first grade.  He loved collecting the limited series Lego Minifigs (so did Hubs and I as well!)  One of our favs was the zombie one.  I happened to find the image of the trio of zombies on the nets somewhere and  I came up with and added the text. I then cut the edges of the card with a pair of decorative scissors to look like it was kinda chomped on by a few zombies.  For an activity at the class Valentine party I brought a simple craft for the kids to cut out and make.  Lollipops with mustaches for the boys and big red lips for the girls...or which ever one struck their fancy.   I traced the designs out on black and red foam sheets and pre-cut the little slit for the lollipop stick.  All the kids had to do was cut out the outline edge and push the stick through.

Second Grade
 PB was (and still is!) into super heros and comic characters during second grade.
I was lucky enough to find the work already done for me with a template for these cute caped super lollipops.  People, we are talking pre-pinterest days. Of course now these things are all over the place.

Found at zakka life

Third Grade
During this year PB was really into having his own rock band.  Him and Hubs formed the group Kat Kall and performed nightly in the living room.  Again we were doing the lollipop/valentine card deal.  The stick of the lollipop is the arm(?) of the guitar with the candy part behind the paper guitar. I found the template online, the other side of the guitar had the text "You Rock!"  I have tried to find a link to the original template but can only find that it was also a creation of Zakka Life. 

Fourth Grade
During this year, PB really liked my Ren and Stimpy Valentine's cards.  He collects Ren and Stimpy stuff himself.  I bought these when I was in high school and while I don't really want to accept it, they are 'vintage', being nearly 25 years old.  We scanned his favorite ones and printed them on card stock.  We then put them in little clear plastic bags with a few Dum-Dum lollipops, which we thought would be Stimpy approved.

Fifth grade is the best idea I have had and will be a separate post because is awesome.

However here is the valentine's box he made for fourth grade and then added even more to it in fifth grade:
It originally had his name in the speech bubble but I typed over it for this post.
He covered the entire thing with print outs of vintage Super Friends (one of his favorite shows).
valentine cards and stickers.

I liked using the Vans shoe box because of the colors and not covering the words up too much.

Next up is his fifth grade valentine cards...I will brag on myself.  They are amazing.

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