Sunday, February 14, 2016

Just one more thing....

Will you be my Valentine?
These are the super awesome valentine's day cards I made for PB for fifth grade last year!

Hey Hey! Columbo!

We are major Columbo fans at our house.  I am not sure what it is but when the winter months hit, our fam gets a case of Columbo fever!  Right now in this moment in time we are all walking around the house putting our fingers to our foreheads having a concerned look on our faces and telling each other "These little things... they bother me...and I can't sleep at night." over such things as a missing sock or why New Coke was ever a thing.  
PB is a really big fan and can tell you what season which show is in.  So it was a natural choice for him to have Columbo themed valentines!

I also made some rolled cookie cigars as an accompaniment to the cards.  I had to be a bit sneaky because, well, we don't want to be promoting smoking to children.  The 'cigars' are made from those rolled cookies in a tin which I dipped in chocolate with lit ended sprinkles.  I added extra sprinkles randomly to make them look less cigar-like...kinda maybe not?  I never got any calls from parents so I guess I got away with it!

I found a couple of images of Columbo (with red and pink backgrounds! perfect!) on the nets.  I then came up with four different Columbo-esque Valentine sayings to be printed on them. Here is the set:

We still think it's kinda funny that these ten year old kids got a valentine card with "some guy " on it.  Because we doubt the kids, much less the parents, know who Columbo is! 
For Seriously...We love Columbo.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Go have some chili with your sweetheart!


Jenn said...

Oh Mary!!!! I am a huge Columbo fan and I just *love* those cards!!!! So awesome!!!!!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Jenn, You will like my next post too then! ~mary~