Monday, May 22, 2017

Easter Decor

You read that right.  It says EASTER decor.  Easter is one of my least favorite holidays.  I am not into froo froo flowers and pukey pastel colors.  I like things a bit distressed, old, and with character.  How can a Halloween kid represent this happy fluffy holiday in their own way?  It then came to me when I was arranging my vintage stuffed animal collection that most of the fellas I had were bunnies, a chic, along with several other deteriorated darlings that once upon a time were probably nestled in someone's Easter basket.  I then realized I had Easter decor and didn't even know it!

So I rounded up these cotton tailed cuties along with the other minimal vintage Easter items I have and set up a bit of decor in the dining room.   Everyone did get a bit dress up with a new fresh flouncy bow.

The table centerpiece is kinda halloween evil in a way.  None of the candy is real in the basket.
The chocolate bunny is ceramic and the little foil wrapped "Bunny Money" chocolate coins are just for show.  I like to collect packaging with graphics that have remained unchanged over many decades.  Russell Stover and Palmer are two companies havng these kind of illustrations for Easter.  I saved these foil wrappers several years ago and replaced the candy with cut out disks of foam core.  PB was not pleased with any of this nonsense.

Here are some individual mugshots of my enervated eggheads:

Happy Easter from my buck toothed bunny bunch!

Easter Egg Past Posts Hunt:

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