Friday, April 03, 2015

A Peepin' Easter Craft

 So as I mentioned in the last post...I do not care for easter.  It is too pastel, too sugary sweet, too blah!  The only thing I can get behind when it comes to easter is the bunny and if it's something that has some history/vintage-ness to it. 

 I don't care to eat peeps but I think they are rather cute and they have street cred of being around since 1953.

I don't do Easter crafts or decorating either.  
BUT I recently had to sell a bit of my soul (more on that in a bit) and happened to create this Peep craft decoration.

A Peepin' Easter Reject Candy Centerpiece!

You may have noticed the chocolate bunnies are missing their ears.  Isn't that how it always is?  People bite the ears off first but then usually can't bring themselves to eat the cute bunny face or have any desire to eat the business end/ bunny butt.

  Here is the how-to if you want to create one for your easter spread! 

Gather up all the easter candy that no one wants to eat...Peeps, half eaten cheap chocolate bunnies, lollipops...those candy dredges that fall below the easter grass in the basket.
 Purchase a foam cone from a craft store and wrap it in aluminum foil.  Attach it to a plate with creamy peanut butter so you lessen (more on that later) the likelihood of the thing taking a tumble.  Any candy with sticks can be jabbed into the foam cone. Then slap the reject candy on by using icing as the glue.  I used a decorative icing tip set up for extra fancy appeal but it is perfectly acceptable to swipe it out of the icing tub with a finger and slather it on.

So back to the whole selling of the soul thing...Excitement! I was asked to do a craft easter craft segment on my local television morning! 
I decided if I was going to have to do an easter craft I was going to go allll out.  An entire pastel easter dipped ensemble! Pink bunny ears, pink vintage sweater, robin's egg blue vintage dress, DIY bunny brooch, vintage silver flower ear rings, even painted my fingernails robin's egg blue with PINK glitter on top. 
 I spent sooo much time (too much time) working on what to make and say.  I researched peeps to the point I now have a fondness for them.  I knew history, facts, products, addition crafts, games, recipes, contests....all peeps and on the ready to talk about if needed. And then in a shake of a lamb's tail the segment was over!  I think I only had time to talk about 2% of what I had in my peeps rolodex.
oh! And I forgot to mention that on the way to the studio, 2 blocks away, the centerpiece took a major tumble to the floor of my car!  Nice!  I had to quickly fix up several chocolate bunnies and icing asterisks when I got in the studio.
But all in all the segment went really well.

But wait!  There's more!  A bonus Easter craft!
A Bunny Butt Brooch:
I printed out a cute little bunny image on photo paper. Find him and other equally cute spring time critters in my "Basket Case" Easter Crap pinterest board. I then attached it to cardstock, cut it out with an exacto knife and then hot glued a pin backing on it.  Lastly, add a cute little pom pom cotton tail!  I could get behind liking easter more if it was all as cute as this little guy!

Here is a smidge of some Peep history for you!
Peeps had wings until 1955 when they were 'clipped' to make the design more modern and streamlined.

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