Monday, May 08, 2017

Still Under Construction

I thought by May I would have most of my house projects under control to where I would be back to this "house" but it's going to be a bit longer.  I am about to embark upon the most difficult space, the dreaded first room people see and judge you by: the living room.  

I have made some massive progress in other areas of the house over the last few months though.  Because I like to make lists here is a very simplified one of my project breakdowns:

Dining Room:
Those crappy plastic broken mini blinds that have been hanging in the dining room for the past 6 years are now clogging up the landfill.  Curtain rods are up, curtains made, walls painted, and (after years of being stored away) wall hanging are up too.  

The walls and ceiling are painted, most wall decor is up.  

Living Room:
Most walls are painted.  Barkcloth curtains are washed, still need hemming.  Display shelf and end tables need to be painted.  Wall stuff needs to be hung.

Lots of massive weeding has been going on and currently still in progress.  Mr. Husband Sir and I are also working on landscaping ideas.

This whole house decorating project has been a huge deal.  Picking wall colors is difficult because there are so many things that have to be considered.  The color of the living room and the dining room have to work together since they are only separated by a mini half wall along with needing to individually work with the furniture and other decorative items in each room.  But the biggest thing to consider with color is that the choices have to work with Halloween and Christmas decorating since those are both encompassing projects alone.  Another large project within the decorating is locating all the items I have to consider to use in each room.  I have been gathering little thrift store treasures for decades and stashing them in all sorts of places.  I would love to be able to give everything a little space to shine.  And if there are items that aren't going to work with the over all scheme then pass them along.  PB and I are planning on decorating/cleaning out his room this summer and also working toward a big yard sale for September.

I know some folks like to think of their house decorating as never done and always evolving.  This is waaay too much work.  I don't like filling my walls with nail holes or repainting them a new color on a whim.  I just want it all done once with nothing left but the dusting.  

I have been keeping my focus on this so much that the fam and I haven't been celebrating "holidays" like we normally would do.  Holidays like National Potato week have gone by without a single potato chip in site.  The first week of May was a tough one for me.  Elvis and Pricilla's 50th wedding anny, Star Wars May the Fourth day, and Cinco de Mayo.  All missed. But it has to be that way.  If I start working on ideas and projects for all of my holidays I won't even think about picking back up a paint roller.  The good news is that some holidays, like birthdays, will never be missed.  I do have several posts I am pulling together that are from festivities that have gone down the past months and I will post soon.  Once I get this house decorating tamed I plan on taking loads of pictures to share here. 

As an ode to the holidays I missed this year here are some past posts that will have to represent for now:

My Elvis Wedding:


Jenn said...

Those home decorating projects always take longer than anticipated, don't they? It was nice to "see" you and get an update! Can't wait to see pics of the finished spaces!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I had such a painting nightmare while doing the living room! I'm sure I will go into more detail when I finally get to the point to write a post about it but it can be summed up with this puke colored wall paint.