Monday, May 15, 2017

"Quick-Like-A-Bunny" Cake

My Easter involvement is usually pretty minimal.  Yet this year I actually acknowledged the holiday with more than an a Target bag filled with discount cheap candy.  I have two whole new posts to share this year on said subject!

  Most years we do manage to make a bunny cake because of coconut! The cake is generally one with a plastic bunny face stuck to a couple of half circle cakes loaded down with coconut fur.  The Easter bunny does drop off goodies to PB every year along with "pooping" out PB's name next to his filled basket.  The Easter bunny poops candy like chocolate malt balls and chocolate covered peanuts or raisins.  You knew that right?

This year we retired the plastic bunny face and tried a whole new design of cake.  This boxy bunny is too too cute!
{Click on above image to enlarge for instructions}

 We don't care too much for jelly beans so I improvised his facial features with stuff we already had, some edible and some not.  Eater beware.  His eyes are black fondant, nose is a rock hard piece of bubble gum, smile is Hot Tamales.  His whiskers are strips of construction paper and his bow tie is scrap fabric.

Here are the few minimal, yet super cute, posts links I have to some past Easter stuff:

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