Thursday, April 02, 2015

Easter Rewind

Easter is really my least favorite holiday, so much that when I did a search on past posts there were only two...
But they are worth a revisit!

***** 2012*****

 This year's bunny cake included the easter bunny's chocolate malt ball excrement ....

A few year's back, pumpkinbutt embellished mr. bunny by having him munching on gummy brains...

not sure where else we can take this for next year other than maybe road kill rabbit.


Yes... that's what the recipe for this Easter Egg Cake promises....delicious glamor frosting. I have never thought of frosting as glamorous before... This frosting is pretty delicious though. It is very rich and tastes like fudge! I like that it is made on the stovetop and didn't have to come anywhere near my mixer.

Dear readers, I just want to explain why almost all the cakes you see that I make are on this seemingly plain silver square tray... It's the bottom of my cake carrier....( and please pardon the crappy photo set up with the wrinkled fabric.)

The illustration on it has been on my mind for a tattoo.... one day.

I decided to go with pink coconut tinted grass instead of the suggested green. I think green and pink look so darling together...I just can't pull it off as an outfit.

My cake didn't look as pretty on the inside as the picture from the magazine. And just a helpful hint: work fast with the icing because it hardens and becomes like a shell on the cake.

The recipe and How-To (click on image for a bigger view):
recipe from Household magazine April 1957.
For me, the coolest thing about the frosting is that it is made from chocolate chips and marshmallows! What a unsuspecting combination for an icing, and I love trickery in cooking and baking! Just about any recipe that calls for marshmallows ranks highly with me because that generally means it's going to be some kind of tacky/amusing dessert. Here we have a cake parading around as 'glamorous' but we know it's little marshmallow secret!


Ordinary J said...

The easter egg cake is so cute and I love the baskets!!!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks so much Ordinary J!