Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Han Solo In Jellonite

 The boys in the family are major Star Wars fans.  I like some stuff like Hoth, the Millennium Falcon, and ATATs but really I am only there for Han Solo.  For Star Wars Day, May the Fourth (be with you), I made us a Han Solo in Jellonite dessert.

 The original jello was clear but a berry flavor.  I added silver sugar sprinkles to the mix while it was still hot and to my surprise specs of metallic bits remained.  I also added a dab of black dye trying to make it more grey. I could have added more dabs.  The color kinda turned out looking like he is taking a bubble bath.  I molded it in a loaf pan but even more fun would be to have several Hans and make the jellonite in mini individual loaf pans. A Han Solo for everyone!

I have a fondness for Star Wars because it reminds me of PB when he was younger.  For many of the early years of elementary school he was a Star Wars nut.  He had enough Star Wars shirts to go over a week without washing.  My husband has an immense nostalgia for Star Wars.  He was a kid when it was all happening.  You can imagine how much fun it was for my husband to collect Star Wars and play with them again with PB.  So I have to celebrate the day in some way.  I now have nostalgia for it too.

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Jenn said...

How fun, Mary!

We are big Star Wars nuts around here. To "celebrate" yesterday, we had Boba Fett-ucini, Tie fighter garlic knots, and Yoda soda.

I love the sparkle bits left in the jello. It looks really cool!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Boba Fett-ucini?! Soo fun!!! I may have to do something like that next year!