Monday, July 27, 2020

Spice-berry Cake

Sprightly as Spring!

"Welcome as the first crocus, this "cake with the delicate air" is different, delectable, designed for spring menus!"

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"Ann Page Preserves do so much for so many heavenly pure fruit spreads, toppings, and garnishes, as dessert ingredients.  Yet these quality Preserves cost LESS to enjoy."

No where in that pitch is the apology I was looking for.  This cake recipe seems to have just about everything I love to make.  Basic ingredients and involving something with a twist.  Jelly mixed into cake batter?! Strawberry Spice cake with lemon icing?!
I saved this recipe for a special dinner because I knew it was going to be great.
This cake turned out to be a dud. The strawberry flavor didn't really come through. It was not "airy" but extremely dense.  Matter of fact the cake was only one layer of what you see above.  I had to stack another piece on top for the photo.
I will always take liberties with ingredients if they are not basics.  After I tried this cake I started thinking it was probably my fault.  The recipe must have called for nonessential cake flour...but nope, just basic all purpose.  I then wondered if it could have been my baking powder.  I checked the expiration date and it was only a week or so past due.  Ehhh...maybe.  But seriously, it should have been fine.  Maybe it was the massive 1 cup of gelatinous globby jelly in it?! Hmmmm....? Ann Page?  Hmmmmmm?!

I think there is some way you can test your baking powder to see if it's still got it's action.  Something involving bleach or ammonia or vinegar.... But I ain't taking this to court so I'm not looking for proof.  This is why I typically use prefab cake mixes.  Perfection in every box.
Thank you Betty Crocker!


Jennilee said...

That sounds like an interesting cake, Mary.

Testing baking powder is easy. Just place a little in a bowl and pour a little boiling water over it. It should start bubbling instantly.

I blame 2020!

my house is cuter than yours said...

You just use water to test it? Well it doesn't get more basic than that. Oh wait... boiling water. Hmmm... I don't know, that would involve the stove or microwave and a dish of some sort. Too many steps. I decided to pitch what I had and just bought a new container.

I hate 2020. I have not been one of those who has been able to do some miraculous great thing during quarantine. I have "living" and "stressing" on my agenda too much.


Jennilee said...

Oh gosh, Mary! I am with you! I have so many projects that I have been wanting to do, but they just sit in a pile, waiting.

I saw the best meme about 2020 the other day. It said "If 2020 were a plate of nachos" and had a picture of a plate with saltine crackers on it and three pieces of American cheese. lol! Stay safe!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Those "nachos" sound like a cracker party! I saw a meme that was funny too. It had an image from Back to the Future of Marty and Dr. Emmett about to get in the delorean and it said "Never set it to 2020".