Monday, August 08, 2005

Hapee Burthdaz !

some members of the fam have their "burthdaz" very close to one another this week so i had a combined party for them last night. I, of coarse, made the cake! One member is from Kentucky and we all have this running joke about him being an undercover hillbilly. I kinda like making strange cakes....once for welcome home cake I made a 3D bowling pin shaped cake and placed plastic roaches on it in the shape of a heart. it was well received , many thought it was strange, but liked it. (No picture exists though, darn it!)

So let's talk construction because I know you all want to run out and make a Outhouse cake for your loved ones! The outhouses are made from melted white chocolate in the mold (from a local cake shop) you see below. They are then assembled together with more melted white chocolate for "glue". The dirt underneath the outhouses is crushed up oreo cookie tops and bottoms. The grass blades (yeah, that's what they are suppose to be ) are made out of gum drops. I cheated on the "stepping stones" and made them out of paper. I was running out of time and icing! It isn't too clear but I carved "maw" and "paw" on the doors.
Also on this mold, but I didn't use, are 2 over the toilet signs that say "women" and "men". I was going to make a couple of rolls of toilet paper from mini marshmallows but it didn't work out quite right. I also wanted to make some jugs of 'shine but ran out of time. And, NO!, I didn't put a surprise in the toilet.....Thought about it, but decided against it! I just thought of what would have been perfect to have in the toilet! A hersey's chocolate kiss, a swirled one...Like caramel and chocolate!!! Man, I'm brilliant... I guess that will have to wait till next time I have a need to make an outhouse cake!


Dixie Doll Heather said...

I'm so glad you put up pictures of this cake. It is so original and cool. Mike's grandma always said if she did not like something she was eating that "It will make a turd." It made me think of that when I saw your cake, but I know your cake tasted as good as it is cute.

eviedee said...

This is an AMAZING creation! I can't beleive that a candy mold in the shape of an outhouse actually exists! Clearly I need to spend more time at my local Bakeshop!