Monday, August 15, 2005

Ice cream Dowdies

This recipe is from the cook booklet "150 New Ways to serve Ice Cream" by Sue Moody 1936. You mean there's more than one way? Other than eating it right out of the cartoon with a spoon? Well Sue claims to deliver "A fascinating adventure into new and thrilling ice cream recipes". (brought to you by the fine folks of Sealest Ice Cream).

The name "Dowdies" is really why I made this dessert. What kind of goofy word is that? There wasn't even a picture to go with the recipe. And that's just not like me! It's so simple to make.  You pour a can of pie filling (this one being blackberry) in a greased cake pan, pour the cake batter over it, bake, then serve with ice cream. I was hoping they would have kinda blended more together, so next time I think I am going to slightly mix the filling into the cake.

This cook booklet really does have alot of desserts I haven't heard of. The most intriguing one was a form of baked Alaska cooked inside a dish called 'Baked Ice Cream Cassoulets', no picture again though. You have to use a special baking dish called a ramekin. ummmm....What? It sounds vaguely familiar but I don't generally buy any 'specialty' cooking dishes or ingredients...I like to wing it with what I already got. I'm not going to buy a whole vat of some crazy ingredient that I only need a tsp of and then have it sit on my shelf for the next 10 years. If a recipe calls for fresh thyme..Okay something green.... dried parsley or Italian seasoning! Pretty much I substitute something in it's place that is the same color or if all else fails load it up with Tony's ! And of course for desserts just add more sugar! So these fancy schancy "ramekins" are tuna cans at my house!

There is a chapter in the booklet called "Serve Crepes Suzette" and the intro has got some odd wording that if people really talked this way life would be alot more fun:

The gourmet reaches the peak of his gastronomic delight in the combination of very thin pancakes, or crepes, with ice cream. These off-the-griddle ice cream desserts are something that you will want to spring on your most fastidious and betraveled guests some day.
I absolutely urge you all tonight, when you put dinner on the table, tell your family it's a gastronomic delight !


Mom said...

That must be what Dana made yesterday. I gave her a packaged meat loaf recipe and ground beef and she made it. Danny said "it wasn't bad", but maybe she should have told him it was a gastronomic delight and maybe she would have gotten a "why, yes, I believe you are correct." LOL!!!

I come home each day from work and look at your blog. It brings me many smiles and a bunch of laughs!!! Mom

Anonymous said...

A ramekin is just a little individual-sized baking dish, so you could use anything small and oven-safe!