Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mini me apron

For this month's Tie One On "Mini Me" theme, I made my little doggy Daisy and I matching aprons and also each one of those sassy French maid head pieces.

I had wanted this fabric for the pink lemonade themed apron for last month but it was too expensive at the time. When JoAnn's had their big sale it was still around and I was able to get it for $2 a yard! It's kinda hard to see in the photo but it has a fizzy bubble looking kinda thing going on with metallic glittery stuff in the fizz. I put the pink pompoms on to emphasize the bubbly look. I really had a specific idea and style for this apron but I couldn't get it to work out quite right so it's more of a 'concept' apron.
I don't like sewing with this type slippery fabric so I constructed it like I do Halloween costumes~minimal sewing and with the durability to last long enough to get a good photo!

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