Wednesday, August 10, 2005

JoAnn's score

The JoAnn's near my house is moving w~a~y across town and opening up a superstore. So everything in the current location is being sold and not moved to the new location. I made out sooo good this weekend! Just about everything in the store is 80-90 % off. There wasn't a whole lot left but they had an ass load of buttons. I bought 52 cards @ $.10 a piece! It cost me 5.20 plus tax! I got my hubby to figure out how much they would have actually cost me and with tax it was about $100 ! I got 5 appliques of hanging dice for next to nothing. JoAnn's actually had alot of these but I am not sure what I am using them for as it is, I gave some away to friends. I also got a few other things that I had been looking for (couldn't believe that they actually still had pearl snaps!) and some things (boning) that I thought one year I might find a reason to use and boy would I be happy I only paid .90 for it!

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