Monday, August 29, 2005

updatey, matey!

Okay, the to-do list is actually getting some things scratched off! I have got the Tie one On aprons done (photo later). The Dixie Dolls are working on getting our shirts printed (photo later) and we are also slowly but surely getting our crafty stuff (photo later) done to sell this weekend. Shown above is our logo (Done!), the business cards are also Done! And I've been kicking some ass on fixin' up our myspace page also! I am really very happy with it!
But, I know.. "Photo later" is getting old , it's just that all the projects are still in the works and all at the same time. We are still working out some kinks in the crafts..Let me just say shrinky dinks are not all that they claim... And resin is a tricky SOB!
Once we get everything lookin' all purty, we'll take some photos and probably just delete this post..But for now, this is an update!

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