Monday, February 20, 2006

Dixie Doll's gifties

Since I got my valentine's day gifts to my girl's this weekend, I thought I'd share what I made for them. First off, I took a small cheap box of chocolates and redecorated the front.
Then I got them each a box of candies (seen on right) in some cute packaging from Target. Then made them each a picture frame with their sweetie. I turned the photos into black and white prints, attached them to black cardstock with black photo corners, then put a copy of the "lucky in love" design on the bottom (I knew those cards would come in handy for something!). Below is Kathy's stuff. I couldn't get Heather's to photograph worth a crap on Saturday since it was so dreary and unsunny.

Here is everything all wrapped up together. Very simple but I thought it was cute.
I had so much fun making these gifts. It was nice to make something that actually turned out cute, didn't take long at all and was really appreciated. Plus it was CHEAP! Like 8 bucks total for all the gifts and wrapping!


Jennifer said...

What a good friend! I'm sure the Dolls were so thrilled with their gifts. btw, I totally thought of you when I saw that stuff at Target.

Teresa said...

You and your blog are just adorable. Your blog should be titled "My blog is cuter than yours", hehe.

elizabeth said...

those are so cute!

catrina said...

Really loved how you put everything together and esp. all the little details. Great work

two rabbits said...

wow those girls are lucky! everything looks fab and so put together!!