Tuesday, February 14, 2006

woo hoo!

I got my prize for the 99 cent challange today from Jen! That box was packed full of goodies! Most everything valentine themed/colored and it arrived on valentines day! okay...here's the stash: pink hot chocolate, sweethearts candy, chocolate lips candy, pink flower stickers, dark pink glitter nail polish, plastic heart paper clips, 'magic' heart towel, heart paper punch, cherry bubblegum with the cutest little deer graphic in it, a love monster for pumkinbutt, a cute card (seen bottom right) and of coarse.. the gift card! The gift card came in it's own little felty pouch (seen on the left, bottom) with tiny red heart buttons on it. The box is soooo flippin' cute, I consider it part of the prize too. And that bow on the box! Ugh! Jen, did you go to Martha Stewart's bow tieing school or what? It is so perfect!
okay, then...she included a few things that were just with me in mind! awww! sooo damn sweet!
She sent me this neat fabric with vintage styled salt and pepper shakers on it! Those are my shakers checking out the fabric to see if they know anyone on it! Ha ha! She also sent a Tiki bar matchbook from a local place she likes , a few mini tins for more shrines, and a seam ripper!!! I needed a seam ripper! mine was in such sorry shape...that little red ball..long gone and so dull it couldn't really even rip paper!
I'm feeling like to luckiest gal in the world Jen!



Erin said...

Oh how fun! Such great stuff. Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

Glad you liked everything! The box was fun to put together. Congratulations again on your win!

P.S. I have Salty and Peppy, too!

megan said...

How FUN-- Congratulations!!! That fabric and the S & P shakers are FAB- oo!

Gina said...

That's amazing, what a great collection! Does the 'magic' heart towel really do something magic?

LouAnne said...

I couldn't find anyway to email you and I wanted to ask you if you collect salt & pepper shakers....? Could you email me at lasassone@aol.com? I might be able to make your day!

aka I could be your Mum!