Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Thrift Score

Here are a few things I have picked up in the last couple of weeks at some thrifts. First off, these two fabrics, about a yard's worth of each. I think they are vintage. They look it and they smell it! Ha ha! My very small collection of vintage fabrics is slowly growing!
Then all these shiny black bags! I LOVE that shiny pleather stuff! I got 3 clutches, 1 purse and 1 small hat box (not all at the same time or place). I am going to see about getting some vinyl stickers made (or see what I've got already) to put on the outsides of the clutches and the purse (I really really love that purse!). The hat box I am going to do some spiffing up on and make it in to a small portable crafting carrier. It will be great for going over to the In-Laws and Dixie Doll craftin' sessions.

In other news: Don't forget to go vote for your favorite 99 Cent challenge Gourmet meal! (my submission is the post below this, a little self promoting there, ha ha!) The voting is going on till the 9th.

And right now, I am in Second String crunch time! I make things and then just scraped them because I just am not too sure my partner would like it.... I do think I am now on a really good track. I am making something that I haven done in about 8 years, so I am REALLY excited about it. Okay, better get back to it, nap time is just too short!


elizabeth said...

great finds!!! love the second fabric and that purse and hat box. (swoon!)

Lori said...

Love the vintage fabric! I have an immense stash. You can never have too much, and it needs to "age" properly before you can use it.

Jennifer said...

No kidding Elizabeth re the hat box (double swoon). And I love that you already have plans for all of the purses. Fun!!

Barb said...

Loooove that hat box! Wish I had known about the other challenge.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I love the second fabric as well and the idea of a portable craft kit.

I'd love to find out more about the second string challenge too!

Amber said...

Hey -
Just ran across your site today. I love your style! I added you to my feed-reader, so I'll be following along.

Rebecca-bakesale said...

More love for that second fabric. It's so sweet looking with it's little green and brown polka dots.

Gina said...

Love that hat box too! You are so inspiring! You've got me thinking "must go to thrift store, must buy fabric...", thanks!

Jenn said...

great thrift finds!! I hardly ever find fabric except for in the antique stores around here and they want huge bucks!!
I love that radio cake! I saw it in your photos when I went to see your 99 cent entry.

catrina said...

That hat box is a real Beauty!!!

tricia said...

You really scored with the hat box. I love it!

Margot said...

Fabric is great! And I love the purses. I think I inherited one of those from my MIL.

Looking forward to seeing what the Second String Swap brings.

fada*do*lar said...

Hello! FINALLY I found the blog I was looking for :-D
Congratulations, this is a delight for me, I saw the entire archives and I'm amazed!!!
Even if I’m more the high-heels, little dresses and banana hairdo style I love ALL your references.
And your cooking skills are just incredible. I more or less try to do the same with my hundreds of vintage recipes, books, magazines, etc, etc. You even have the Betty Crocker's cook book and know Lisa Petrucci (my italian boyfriend, also an artist, knows her!).
I could go on and on for hours... hehehe. Surely I'll return here often.
It seems you take daily life the best and funniest way! :-D
Cheers from fada*do*lar
[home-fairy, translated from portuguese]

julia said...


Mary, i *really* need to ask you something ... can you email me at tickytacky at gmail dot com?

Thanks! (I'm gonna try leaving this at flickr, too)

andrea said...

thrift score, indeed! fab fabric and totally digging those black purses. nothing like a good thrift store score!