Thursday, February 02, 2006

Most darling Valentine cookies!

Aren't these cookies lovely! Just enjoy looking at them because the price is out there! $58 !!! That's for 18 of them!!! I found them at Eleni's. They have alot of very beautiful cookies. I also found these cute brownies which I was excited about because it's something that we all could make ourselves. Embellishing them with some icing, colored sugars or small candies would be cute too.


sarah said...

You know, a lot of cake supply places will print onto the icing transfer for you so you can apply it to a cookie or cake yourself - and I've even seen a place that sells the edible ink and paper if you have a cheap (never used!) color printer! I've always wished I had the extra $$ (and time and place) to try it.

my house is cuter than yours said...

OHHH! After I did this post I started thinking about bakeries around town that have those capabilies and I am so going to look into it. Wish I could do it myself like you mentioned...send me the site for that if you can remember it. I am really interested in that as well! Thanks for the info!

Rebecca-bakesale said...

I was going to comment that there must be some thrifty, crafty way to imitate those awfully adorable valentine cookies
I really want to make soe cute edible this year. those brownies are cute. Thanks for the links!

Jennifer said...

I love Eleni's! Well, I should say I love looking at their website and drooling over the beautiful cookies. I've never actually ordered any, as they are a little pricey. But, it is good for inspiration! If anyone can find a way to replicate these, it's you!

elizabeth said...

those are gorgeous! i too was thinking about whether or not a bakery could "print" this out for you. they look too pretty to eat though.

love the idea about the brownies. a couple of weekends ago, i made some card suit cookies and made some extra hearts for valentine's day. they are in the freezer and i can't wait to take em out to decorate em.

i've got the best cutout cookie recipe and icing if you're interested, shoot me an email :)