Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dixie Doll Kat's Birthday Bash!

Last Saturday night, the Dixie Dolls (my girl gang) went out on the town for Kat's birthday! We met up at this out of the way bar that our favorite local rockabilly cover band, Cadillac Attack was playing at. It is understood that we own them and demand they play all our favorite songs...we are also now known for jumping up on stage at a moment's notice to sing back up. They always make a big deal over us when we are at their shows.....and since it was Kat's birthday it was twice the big deal.
I baked her an angel food cake, but not the one seen above....mine totally flopped! So I had to swallow my pride and (gasp) get a bakery made cake! I put on the topping (very sloppily as I now see, but I'll blame it on all the amaretto sours I can consumed previously to the decorating) and the cherries she requested. I also made a little Dixie Doll cake pick for some added decor.

This is a Dixie Doll tiera I made for her to wear during the festivities. I bought the tiera from the dollar spot at Target. It was originally meant for a bachelorette party and had some ugly blue jewels and a veil on it. I ripped that crap off and attached some black and white dice beads along with a little shrinky dink Dixie Doll logo girl (Dixie Doll heather made that part). And no, we weren't at KFC as the glowing chicken bucket in background might suggest. That is the band's tip bucket .....it is very hideous and I am quite embarrassed for them.

This is her gift. I crafted up a journal embellished with black trim, leopard print paper and an image of the lovely Betty Page on the cover. I attached a small bit of the fringe trim as a little skirt so Betty could shake her stuff.

Here we all are (l-r: me, kat, heather) coping a feel on the birthday girl as she requested!

Kat means a great deal to me and I wanted her birthday to be special....I think she really had a good time so that makes me happy.


Gina said...

Wow your friend is so lucky! You made her all kinds of cool stuff plus the freebie in the last photo! Love the journal, it's perfect, with Betty and leopard print. Can't get cooler than that. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Sounds like you're a great friend.

Handmade Girl said...

How fun!
I need to find a girl gang to join. Being a military wife is lonely sometimes.

elizabeth said...

happy birthday to your friend kat.

and must i say you gals are the swankiest chicks i have ever seen :)

Jennifer said...

You're very lucky to be part of such a great group of gals!

Barb said...

Ooh, love the tiara! I went to a bachelorette party before where we made our friend wear a veil all night. Then later another of the group got married, and we made her wear a veil on a yamulke (sp?) since she married a Jewish guy. It was classic. Shrinky dinks on tiaras though...now the possibilities are endless! I need a girl gang too. Had one, but it fizzled.

Feathers said...

Wish you guys lived closer to me, that is great that you are all so close and have so much fun!

Loved the tiara and the Betty journal, one of a kind! :)

Anonymous said...

That is a fantatic journal. Happy Birthday Kat