Saturday, June 10, 2006

Dwight Yoakam!!!!

Went to see THE man Friday night! Dwight Yoakam!! He was amazing!!! And he looked hot!

Seen above: Dixie Doll Kat and I singing and looking like dorks. We can surely belt out the lyrics to Turn it on, Turn it up and Turn me loose though!

Now for a little "complaining" to put it nicely and be warned there are a few not-so-nice words in the preceding:

The people at this concert were the rudest assholes I have EVER been around. I'm talking people who spill their drinks on you, step on your toes, flail into, ram up against you...And not one word of saying "sorry". Matter of fact they would turn around and give us the dirty look....Geez! Sorry that we have been standing in the same spot against the wall for 3 hours and your drunk ass doesn't have any manners! Kathy handled herself like a Dixie Doll should and I was quite proud. This one old chic (wearing an outfit that soo didn't match) got up in our way and was continually bumping into us and not apologizing. Kathy started blowing smoke her way and flicking cigarette ashes on her..IT WAS GREAT! The chic realized slightly what was going on and felt the need to turn around all the time and look at us. Hello! Old lady! Check your manners and we won't have to give you the business! At another point Kat and I had our stuff sitting in a stool. Stuff like a suitable for framing small print of the lovely Dwight Yoakam...This skanky hussey comes up and just sits on our stuff (and I don't think she was drunk, she's just rude) Bending the corner of the print all to hell !!!! Normal common courtesy is when you want to sit down in a chair and there are people standing right on top of it is to ask if it's their chair and if you can use it.....And OUR STUFF WAS IN THE CHAIR!!! Also, did you know that you can hippy dance and booty dance to Dwight Yoakam? These people thought they could and it was quite disgusting. And they certainly didn't mind if they rammed into you when they did it. I think the worst was when at one point I had made it just about up to the front of the stage so I could take a few pics. This one tall idiot jock type was between me and getting a good pic. Mind you, if you know me I am a petite ( aka short!) gal. I kindly ask the idiot if I could get in front of him for a moment to take few pictures and he gives me a 'go to hell ' look! Can you believe that? I am 2 feet shorter than him and only take up about 1.5 feet of floor space and he thought I was going to be in his way ????!!! Also, just to bring this whole story to as many of the 5 senses as I can...It was as hot as 2 rats getting it on in a wool sock and these people smelled and were dripping with sweat and all up against us...Oh, Dwight... The things we endure for you!

I am in absolute belief that Seville Quarter ( a local 'meat market' of a bar) decided that they wanted a break from all of the worst idiots that they have come up in there. They gave free tickets to the worst of the worst and sent them out to this Dwight Yoakam concert.

Now, besides all of the above we had a lovely time really!


Sharkeysday said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dwight! I had front row tickets to see him several years ago. He's go the most fabulous artistic quality to him (and yep, he's hot!).

Mamarox said...

"Also, did you know that you can hippy dance and booty dance to Dwight Yoakam? These people thought they could and it was quite disgusting."

OH.MY.GAWDS! Beer would have shot out my nose and my eyes would have been sprained from all the rolling, sorry people are idiots but you do both look hot and it sounds like a fun time non the less.

B.J. said...

love the pretty lights behind you and Kat - makes for a great pic!

MARYBETH said...

Oh im so sorry to hear of the HORRID enviro! small venues filled with rude, drunk ,idiots just sucks!
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MB in JT

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Tara said...

I loved you before for your creativity. I love you even more now for being a fellow Dwight fangirl. *Dwight fangirl sigh* I love Dwight! I saw him last year at the 9:30 Club in DC and had an excellent time. There are very few people I will stand for over 6 hours to see, and Dwight is one of them!

Grinza Dayglo said...

Have you ever seen his web site for Bakersfield Biscuits? So absolutely fun!

JMac said...

Dwight rules!!