Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Packaging love

I know I have mentioned a time or two how much I love vintage product packaging. The packages seen above may look as if they are vintage but not so!  These are available on grocery stores shelves today!  I love finding new packaging that has not changed for decades.  These are a few that I have found over the years/months. I am a sucker for products with cute graphics but if it's a food I hate, it can sit it's self on the grocery shelf.  No beets, no pork brains... thank you very much.  (Yes, I have found canned pork brains in a store before.) Here is a bit of info on some of these packages.  Many have somewhat functioning websites and history on the company:

The Allen's  canned goods have a wonderful look to them!  Their graphics, design, fonts and colors are the best! I found this one at a gas station/convenience store. And no, it's not expired! But next month it will be. Looks like it's squash for dinner!

Also made by The Allen's canned goods is this cutie! Sugary Sam Sweet Potatoes.  I hate sweet potatoes so I have resisted the urge to buy this can but I have seen it in several local small grocery stores and Big Lots. I think that star seen after the word POTATOES is a disclaimer that says "tastes like ass" or either "PO-TAY-TOES".

Jiffy, Jiffy, Jiffy!!  Let me count the ways I love you!  I have used Jiffy in so many recipes, here are just a couple: The best ever strawberry short cakes and cherry tartlets. Food staples in every home should include at least the multi use mix, pie crust, and corn muffin mix. BTW, you can request a FREE jiffy cookbook on their site.

Another recent find was Del-Dixi pickles. This brand was bought by the Best Maid food company (since 1926) in the early 1960's.

We bought these pickles for one reason alone....this cute little girl graphic that is on the lid...and, well, we happened to be out of pickles. Best Maid sells pickle juice by the gallon on their website, in case you need any... I know I do! Pickle-sicles! Yum!

And taking it a step beyond just eating the food and putting the packaging up on a shelf, there are fun ways to craft with these cute containers!  As seen with my retro crafty memo pad made from a Jiffy box. Wallpapering a kitchen with Jiffy box fronts would be cute!  The lid from the Del-Dixi pickles would made a fun fridge magnet.
In the book Found, Free, and Flea  (see last post) there are a couple of ideas to repurpose vintage packaging:

Wallpapering in Jiffy boxes... That is such a good idea... I need to go eat some pie crust wrapped corn muffins...and squash right now.

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