Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Alfred Angelo Original designed by Edythe Vincent Wedding Dress

 A little more on my two buck thrift store wedding dress.
I bought it two years ago from the Salvation Army but not because I was planning on wearing it to get married in.  I bought it because it was only two bucks and a vintage dress (early 70's ?) that happened to fit me.  I had plans to "Pretty in Pink" it by cutting/embellishing it up into a new styled dress.  Maybe frankenstein-ing another dress with it.  I thought it would be fun to transform a wedding dress into something to be worn on a casual basis. 
 Time went by and I never got around to doing anything with it.  However, the more I looked at the dress, I realized that it had some real potential to be awesome as a wedding dress still. So out came the scissors....

I took these pictures as an after thought and I pinned the sleeves back in for the photo.  So imagine the puffy horrid sleeves much longer and puffier at the shoulders and ignore the little black flower details.
 I liked the edges of the removed sleeves looking a bit rough so I did not hem them.
I picked off all of the yellowed glued-on fake pearls and stitched down little black flowers in their place.
Along the back of the dress was a row of decorative buttons covered in white wedding dress material which I promptly painted with black fabric paint. 

The black velvet belt-sash-deal was from a dress that was handmade for my grandmother when she was in her early 20's.  One thing I didn't like about my dress was that it made my hips look wider than they are, so the sash kinda cinched it in a bit.  
I then added some additional black details to finish it out: fishnet stockings, fishnet finger-less gloves and black beaded necklace. 

Here is a good shot of the dress along with ELVIS walking me down the aisle!!!
Also as a side note, I discovered that the dress was made by the the infamous wedding dress designers Alfred Angelo and his wife Edythe Vincent.  I wish I could locate an old ad with an image of my dress! 

I am planning on shortening the dress and wearing it out on our anniversaries....kinda using it the same way I had originally bought it for, but now with a sentimental twist.

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