Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kitty in my Pocket!

 I picked up this vintage hand made, hand painted little girls, "kitty in my pocket" dress today at the thrift for 54 cents!  

 It's one of those adorable crisscross back smock type dresses.

(like this:)

 Of course it will not fit an adult properly (boobs and such!) so I did a very quick modification.

I quickly sewed some black rick rack to red bias tape and made a tie in the back. I don't think I have come up with the perfect solution just yet but it will pass for now.   I am going to experiment a bit with making a crisscross back version pattern for adults.  Thinking about adding some darts for sure....

And speaking of vintage little girl's fashion....Check out these cuties!
 I would so wear a dress with a rabbit popping out of a hat on it!  Not sold on the pink candy striped 
clown(?) though.

 I *love* the white dress with the mint green bow! and the white fishnet stocking paired with little white gloves!!!

Again, the white dress is the one! 

This has got me thinking about ways to translate these patterns into adult wear...basically an A line dress, but not as short! And Yes! to the little white socks and mary jane shoes!

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