Thursday, May 22, 2014

National Atomic Testing Museum

If you are in the Las Vegas area and need more Atomic Blast experience, visit the National Atomic Testing Museum "which chronicles how tourists sipped cocktails on casino rooftops, gazing at blast clouds on the horizon at the test site, 65 miles to the northwest. One of the key attractions of the museum is called Ground Zero Theater. Built like a concrete bunker, this presentation recreates the experience of watching a nuclear test from 7 miles away. As bright light fills the screen, a few seconds later a blast of air simulates the shock wave and the wooden benches rumble. The rest of the presentation is an overview of the programs conducted at the Test Site, including interviews with scholars and people who worked there."*

Artifacts are also on display at the museum such as this dog tag order form that was for residents to purchase...just in case disaster strikes.

Crafting up some dog tags to be used as the "Hi, My name is..." stickers would be a fun twist to use at the party....

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