Thursday, May 22, 2014

Having a Blast!

Las Vegas is known for a lot of things. To name just a few: neon, gambling, drive-thru weddings and atomic bomb testing.  On 5-5-55 an entire town was blasted with an atomic bomb just 65 miles from Las Vegas in nearby Yucca Flats.  Homes, buildings, power lines and yes, even people were subjected to this testing. Families gathered in their living rooms for quality time, dinner parties ensued, and shopping excursions for creamed corn were all interrupted to record their, unannounced to them, demise. How could such tragedy happen? Oh! Forgot to mention, this town was inhabited by well dressed mannequins. Survival Town residents lived in a million dollar town that was built just to test the effects of an atomic blast on everything from houses to clothes to canned soup. (Think Indiana Jones: Crystal Skull movie opening)

Survival Town 
"...well I'm going to have to revise my 20 year plan but did I tell you about my 20 year plan okay well okay listen here in year one this is the year when I'm going to take off those extra seven pounds you know that's equal to seven pounds of butter haha so it's like I'm wearing seven pounds of butter ha and well uh oh where was I oh oh yeah...."

"...ohh ohh feeling kinda gassy McNuggets you know make me so gassy all that grease and all it really helps if you drink eight-ten glasses of water a day did you know that sometimes I drink five and sometimes I drink nine to make up for the other three I didn't drink, coffee and dirt drinks don't count either ...."

"Excuse me, Oscar dear, I don't mean to embarrass you but you are not properly holding your salad fork and for that matter, the salad course has passed and we are now entering the dessert course."

"No matter.  Both forks are now embedded in the ceiling.  But Oscar dear, you got a little something on your head there.  I just can't take you anywhere."

So, as a 59 year anniversary celebration of Survival Town testing, the fam and I had ourselves an Atomic Blast shindig.  Complete with staged inspiration photos.

'' Why yes, dear.  A Fall Out Shelter does sound like a most intriguing idea for our family to consider."

"Too late...."

"Meat loaf again for dinner?!" I hate meat loaf!"

"Problem solved."

The next few posts will fill in other aspects of our party and aid you in throwing your own Atomic Blast Survival Town 60th anniversary shindig next year!

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