Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fallout Frosting and Canned Water

For eats we continued the atomic theme to included a rendition of a 1946 mushroom cloud atomic blast cake and other fallout shelter survival foods.

 Atomic Blast Cake, 1946, as part of a celebration of the first nuclear testings.
(I like the unintentionally matching atomic blast head wear.)

We had our own fallout frosted confectionery!
(Mine turned out a little too "mushroom" and not enough "blast".)

The cake can be made by baking a bottom layer and a domed round layer of any flavor cake you choose.  I then inserted a glass into the bottom layer upside down.  I placed the domed cake on a saucer and "cemented" the bottom of the saucer to the bottom of the glass with a bit of creamy peanut butter.  Then "ice" the entire thing with cool whip.  Complete the devastation with little nuked houses, cars, and people from Monopoly and Life board games.

Fallout Shelter Appetizers

We cracked open a few MREs (Meal ready to eat) as part of our bomb shelter meal.
yum yum! We happen to have some left over from a few years back when our town was once again deemed a devastation area...had canned water for real.  You can reproduce the same idea by serving nonperishable foods such as spam and canned cream corn...and dine in a closet.

Those cans of wadded beef  and creamed eels will come in mighty handy now!

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