Friday, May 30, 2014

Thrifted stuffs

 Just a few things I picked up last week at the thrifts.  I was pretty stoked when I happened upon this metal cooler.  There wasn't a price on it.  When I asked, I was told they were going to have to "look it up"....which meant they were checking ebay. sonsabitches...

 "They're going for 40 bucks on ebay" said thrift store boy.
 "With the bottom and top rusted?!" says I.
"Actually the one I looked at was smaller than this one." he says, trying to defend himself.
"With the bottom and top rusted!?!" I repeat.
"How about 10 bucks?  I am trying to work with you here." thrift boy exclaims.
Anyway... I wound up getting it for 5 bucks.  A very fair price....this isn't ebay.

 I also got this thermos the same day.
 I found these promo 6 inch rulers from the Federal Gun & Liquor Laws enforced by Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms.  "Moonshine Kills"! 

A month or so ago I found this adorable Fisher Price "little people dog" stackable toy.  So freaking adorable.

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MySpecialAgent said...

I frequent an antique/junk shop where they look up prices on eBay and then mark an "in between" price. I guess that's sort of fair but, really, if you want eBay money for it, go list it on eBay.